David Lloyd Turns Sports into Career

It is often said that success comes with hard work. This is the case for David Lloyd ’79.

After spending time at an advertising job in New York, Lloyd’s friend suggested that he take a job at a TV station in Macon, Ga.

“My friend told me to try the job because I liked sports and would probably be good on TV,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd took the unpaid internship and was put to work. Soon he was assigned to shoot and edit film and even got the opportunity to do some on air work.

Lloyd quickly learned the art of the sports broadcasting, as he waited tables during the day and the studio at night.

After a few weeks, Lloyd had put a tape together of his work and decided to drive around to the local markets to apply for a job. His persistence paid off, recieving a job as a reporter in Savannah, GA.

A few years later he moved out to the West Coast finding jobs in both Sacramento and San Diego. Finally, 12 years ago Lloyd recieved an interview request from ESPN. He found it hard to leave the nice weather of the West behind, but for Lloyd it was a dream come true and he accepted the job.

“Not only was it ESPN, but it also meant that I would be coming home to Connecticut,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd has enjoyed his time at ESPN. After being named the host of the 3–hour sports show on ESPNEWS “The Hotlist,” Lloyd has had the privilege of interviewing some of the greatest names in sports including Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and Mike Tyson. The key to his success at ESPN has been the style in which he discusses sports.

“I like to talk about sports on the show as if I am talking to a friend,” Lloyd said.

Despite interviewing the best of the best in the sports world, Lloyd highlights the interview he did with boxer Floyd Mayweather.

 “I was hammering him for not being the best pound for pound fighter, he was livid and we were having a real angry conversation,” Lloyd said.

Recently Lloyd made the transition from the Hotlist to the weekend edition of “Sportscenter”.

“I have always wanted to do “Sportscenter”… my boss came up to me about a year and told me that I would be an anchor,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd has manuevred to the top through challenges such as waking up at 3:30 on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

From the wrestling mats of Staples to the desk at ESPN in Bristol, David Lloyd has completed the long and winding journey to becoming a famous sportscaster.

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