Got an opportunity to write for this sports blog following a five week journalism program I attended at Northwestern University. Have to thank all the professors I had at the National High School Institute of Journalism for making me the writer I am today. Credit also needs to be given to the Senior Editor for Sports Fan Live Victor Chi for believing in my writing.

Below is a feature piece that I wrote at Northwestern as an assignment for a trend story that I got published on Sports Fan Live and FoxSports.com. Also here are my Most Valuable Tweets from over the past two years in which I rant about the top athlete tweets of the day.

Impact of Verbal Commitments on College Recruiting 

Most Valuable Tweets March 4, 2011

Most Valuable Tweets January 17, 2011

Most Valuable Tweets November 11, 2010

Most Valuable Tweets October 13, 2010

Most Valuable Tweets September 22, 2010 

Most Valuable Tweets August 19, 2010


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