Next Gen Broadcasters

Consulting service building broadcasters and media professionals of the future

DJ Sixsmith is a journalist, play by play announcer, host and senior social media manager with over five years of experience working for CBS, ESPN Radio, Stadium and the Big East Conference.

Sixsmith was an award-winning broadcaster in both high school and college and is now using his experience to guide the next generation of announcers and content creators in sports, news and entertainment.

Next Gen Broadcasters offers the following services:

Broadcast Coaching: $100 per hour/$60 per 30 mins

-Clients will learn how to prepare for broadcasts and interviews, the art of play by play, how to be a host for TV & Radio and the keys to a great sports radio update

Social Media Branding: $125 per hour/$75 per 30 mins

-Clients will learn how to create a brand for themselves across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok and use social media to amplify their content in an effective way

College Consulting: $150 for one 45-minute session

-Clients will learn about the best colleges across the country to develop their media skills and the best personal fits to develop their careers 

Career Consulting: $150 for one 45-minute session

-Clients will learn about the best ways to start their careers in the ever-changing media industry

Demo Reel: $200 per reel

-Clients can send in their video and audio content and a reel featuring their best work will be created to share on social media and used as a portfolio when applying to colleges, internships and jobs

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